Ferrari’s F1 cars

Mercedes is the team to beat in the current turbo hybrid era. In fact, some consider the team to the most iconic team that ever existed in the history of F1.

Well, I consider it a joke. If I win my first poker tournament then it is foolish to acknowledge me as the best! Mercedes got an engine right under the new regulations in 2014 and got a head start in developing its own aerodynamics way before the others. They hardly saw any financial crisis, lows, bad drivers and the list goes on.

Whereas Ferrari on the other hand has its own flair, it is this intangible feeling that connects all the Tifosi in the world, which makes us long for a Ferrari victory or just to see it on the screen. This feeling takes time to develop, like good old wine, it matures with age and feels better with time; its Ferrari’s persistence.

Its persistence makes them what they are. They are in the sport during all kinds of high and lows whereas the other teams in the paddock closed the shop in the name of financial distress and some in the name of failure in the sport. But Ferrari stayed and it will stay in the sport till it is alive.

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