Top 7 lessons for me since 1995

1. You are what you eat

There are no two ways about it. Eat fresh, raw, unprocessed food to live a stronger, better, and happy life. Eat fruit in the morning vs Eat a burger, you will understand the difference. Your body will reciprocate the respect you give to it.

A task for you: read about Glycemic Index.

2. Work to live a life, not the other way around:

Get a job which you would love, you spend >50% of your life working, bla bla bla. You hear a lot of free advice in your life.

But it is also important to live your life. I believe we are born to experience! So, don’t let your work hinder your experiences rather help you find and cherish them. Travel, spend more time on your hobbies, write, start a podcast, spend time with your loved ones and the list is endless. So, go out there to explore and experience.

3. Love a sport from the bottom of your heart

Love a professional sport that you follow day in day out. Professional sports connects people like no other and makes your weekends much exciting. PS: My soul sport is F1.

4. Move it

Exercise! Excercise! A walk, run or maybe play a game. But just move it. You will live longer and feel better at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Hit that gym, learn to play the sport you have been waiting for, Dance and walk like the Japanese.

5. Plan for the future and live in the moment

There is no guarantee when our lives are going to end. Hence, plan for the future considering the desired life expectancy but make the most of each day you live.

6. Learn to say NO

One of the powerful things is to say NO! not many people can do this. Whether to our bosses at work, friends, family. If your heart whispers to you ‘NO’. Just build the courage and say NO! you will see what kind of control this will give to your life. That is actual freedom, not jumping off the cliffs or doing blind dates.

7. Bookflix

Everyone has a TV series they would be currently watching. But what is the book you are currently reading?

Bridge this gap and have a book with you all the time; one chapter per week/day. My suggestion would be to read the books you most enjoy. If you have trouble with not getting through the pages like me, just leave the book/genre for the moment. It is not meant for you now.

But how do you find your soul genre? Just Bookflix.

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