8 years with a MacBook taught me TWO lessons

Currently, I have two laptops. My work laptop is from HP and it as old as a Puppy. Whereas my MacBook(Personal laptop) is the puppy’s grandfather. I still prefer using my MacBook to my work laptop. It may be the ease of use, display and the list goes on. There are 2 important things which I do to make sure that MacBook just doesn’t age and you probably should too.

Stop the software updates:

You look good in your favorite dress as it fits you! Similarly, there is an advisable OS update limit for your device. You can understand by having a quick look at the tech videos every time apple launches a breakthrough software. Trust me! Upgrades kill old devices. I’ve seen my peers doing and regretting it.

Always plug-in your Macbook if it's accessible:

Use battery as an add-on and start leveraging only if you are on the move. Otherwise, work by putting the device on charge, ALWAYS. Your MacBook will take power directly from the power source without impacting your battery.

P.S: If you have security concerns, option 1 is not for you!